Call for co-operators to attend London ‘No to NATO’ demonstration  in solidarity with Rojava and its co-operative economy

Tuesday 3 December, 4pm – Trafalgar Square, London

Following the withdrawal of US troops in October, the people of Rojava (North-East Syria), and their democratic self-administration, are currently under attack by the Turkish military and Turkish-backed Islamist militias.

So far, the invasion has killed over 300 civilians and displaced around 300,000 people, threatening to crush the unique model of a democratic stateless society that has been thriving in Rojava. A model based on the principles of direct democracy, women’s liberation and ecology – with a co-operative economy.

On the 3rd of December, NATO leaders, including Donald Trump and Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdogan, will attend a reception at Buckingham Palace to celebrate the 70th anniversary of NATO’s founding. Meanwhile in Rojava, the Turkish state’s NATO-led and supported invasion continues despite claimed “ceasefires.” Rather than being welcomed at Buckingham Palace, Turkey’s dictator Erdogan should be standing trial for war crimes against the Kurdish people.

There is a very clear message coming from all democratic structures in Rojava, as well as in the diaspora and the internationalist solidarity structures, that now is the time for all who care about the future of this project, and indeed the chances for real democracy, peace and freedom in this world, to rise up in defence of Rojava.

Join our co-ops bloc

We are calling for co-operators in the UK to take a stand in defence of Rojava. Join us as part of a co-ops bloc, at the ‘No to NATO’ demonstration in central London on Tuesday 3 December. If you and your co-op would like to join us, please email

Co-operation against fascism

It is important that the co-operative movement in the UK stands in solidarity with the people of Rojava when they need it so much, especially as their cause is not being supported by states and international bodies. There is a long tradition of international support from co-operatives to aid the fight against fascism dating back to the ‘Milk for Spain’ campaigns and the formation of the International Brigades who fought alongside Spanish comrades against Franco’s fascist forces.

What you can do?

  • Attend the demonstration in London on 3rd December meet 4pm Trafalgar Square. Please let us know if you plan to attend by emailing
  • Join the #CoopsRiseUp4Rojava campaign – Solidarity Economy Association are coordinating a #CoopsRiseUp4Rojava campaign for coops to take action in solidarity with the people of Rojava
Co-operation in Mesopotamia

Solidarity Economy Association have been following developments in Rojava closely, and are working with autonomous women’s economic structures in the region to develop projects based on solidarity, mutual aid and friendship as part of our Co-operation in Mesopotamia project. We have been mapping the hundreds of co-operatives that have taken seed across the region – including over 50 autonomous women’s co-operatives, in which 7,000 women are working and organising together.