SEA can offer tailored workshops to suit the needs of your group or community. Pricing is flexible and based on need and available resources. We’ll work with you to plan how to fund a workshop, so don’t let cost be a barrier- even if you have no money.

Some examples of what we can offer. If you have a different idea that you think we could help with, get in touch…

  • WTF is the solidarity economy? -Coined in revolutionary Spain but popularised in Latin America during the 1970s and 1980s, the term solidarity economy points to an economy which is far older than capitalism. Learn about the history of the solidarity economy and how it relates to your life and community in this interactive workshop.
  • Internationalism and the solidarity economy – We live in a globalised world with a saturation of information which can often feel overwhelming. How can we connect with groups and movements across the world in a meaningful way to build alliances and collaboration based on mutual aid and solidarity?
  • Coops and Revolution– How can, and have, social movements and politicised communities built their own economy through cooperatives and the solidarity economy, as part of a broader strategy for liberation – with inspiration from Rojava and other revolutionary movements.
  • Mapping your local solidarity economy -The solidarity economy is alive and breathing where you live! In partnership with our friends at the Digital Commons Co-operative, we’ll help you explore the groups, organisations and projects already working to build up alternatives to capitalism in your local area, with an in person MapJam, workshop and training in the use of appropriate digital tools.
  • Democratic decision making in cooperatives and community groups –Democratic decision making in cooperatives and community groups – What are the different models of decision making and how do they work in practice? Which one is best for your group? What do we do when there is conflict, and how do we work together with an understanding of each other’s skills and experiences to create more democratic and leaderful groups and movements?
  • Graphic design workshop– Practical and participatory workshop on how to approach graphic design in our movements. We will guide you through the history of movement graphics, design theory and how to make ideas visually

Get in touch to discuss how we can support your work: