Solidarity Economy Association are now working with the Lumpen Project and local grass-roots organisers in different cities to run a series of workshops focusing on class and co-operatives around the UK.

The first collaboration took place in Brighton on the weekend of 25-26 January 2020. Around 25 people from a wide range of class experiences participated – three people who are currently or recently homeless received a free ticket, while three more opted to choose the £200 ‘I can afford to help make this happen’ ticket.

We have believed in the power of these workshops since attending the one in Edinburgh back in September which we also wrote this report on, but the workshop in Brighton reached a new depth.

One participant said:

Before the class and coops workshop I was nervous. That quickly dissipated. The workshop was, from the beginning, deep. The facilitators were open and set the tone for personal exploration. The first activities being in pairs and individually helped to break up the stage fright that many participants likely felt. After going into our class caucuses we went deeper into our interpersonal experiences. This aided our ability to be real with each other and ourselves in a way I have never seen collectively in any other setting.

As an occasional facilitator of workshops, I am amazed by the way everything was held by the facilitators. Exploring some of these collectively and individually built in values, assumptions, prioritises, and raw emotions around class and social movements is a necessary path to transforming how we work together – but I have also never seen it done like this, or even an attempt. I felt a lot of emotions over the 2 days – fear, solidarity, recognition, frustration, shame. And many others. I think everyone felt a lot. The aim of the workshop always felt clear to me and the blocks to that aim were thoroughly attacked. It was necessary and transformative.

Upcoming workshops will be taking place in Birmingham (28-29 March) and Leeds (18-19 April).

Book your place on one of these workshops here:

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