Yesterday, CECOP/CICOPA Europe, the European confederation of industrial and service cooperatives, published a statement of solidarity with the co-op movement in Northern Syria. SEA wholeheartedly welcomes this announcement. This afternoon, at the general meeting of the ICA in Kigali, Rwanda, Sion Whellens, recently elected CECOP/CICOPA Europe board member made an impassioned call for the ICA conference and co-operators around the world to demonstrate solidarity with their fellow co-operators in Syria. He also read from a message sent to CECOP from the group Make Rojava Green Again. We hope the ICA will follow the lead of CECOP and work with them to build a practical solidarity campaign.
Combined with the similar call from RIPESS Europe, the Network of Social & Solidarity Economy Networks, it’s clear that the will for the #Co-operative and #SolidarityEconomy movements to stand up and support our friends in Northern Syria is there. Now it’s time for action! #coopsriseup4rojava