We’re excited to share that we’re once again co-organisers of the NESI Global Forum, considered the most relevant event worldwide for everyone working towards building an economy for people and the planet!


Held in Malaga, Spain from 24-26 April, the forum will be a crucial opportunity for people and organisations to come together and focus on how to collectively address our global challenges, build economic systems that are fit for the future, and that put the wellbeing of people and planet first – all through local action. Over three days, participants will be immersed in a journey that invites them to discover the solutions that already exist in key sectors of the economy, imagine what those solutions might look like in their localities, and design collaborative plans for getting there.


The Solidarity Economy Association has had close links with the NESI Global Forum team, and we’re really pleased to continue our involvement alongside some fantastic organisers and initiatives, including the Wellbeing Economy Alliance, Economy for the Common Good, Ouishare, Impact Hub, Ecolise, the Network of Wellbeing, Sistema B, Social Enterprise UK and many others. As co-organisers, we’ve committed to helping the NESI team raise awareness about the event and sharing information about why we feel it’s important to connect with international movements.


SEA’s Communications Manager, Kat Darling, attended the last NESI Global Forum in 2017 and said: “I attended NESI when I’d just started my journey with the Solidarity Economy Association, and it was so inspiring to be part of a truly global collective visioning event. Hundreds of people from all kinds of organisations shared their challenges and possible solutions; there was a real sense of openness to collaborating across international boundaries and finding ways of working together, and some tangible and impactful projects have grown out of it. A fundamental idea within the solidarity economy is that there isn’t going to be a ‘one size fits all’ answer to how we meet our needs in ways that don’t exploit or harm other people and the planet – there will be lots of solutions that look different depending on the local need and context, but they will share the core values of the solidarity economy. NESI feels like an important part of exploring what these different answers might look like for all of us.”


Tickets are now on sale, and there’s a 20% discount until 28 February 2019. For more information and to book a ticket, visit https://neweconomyforum.org/




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