We’re pleased to say we’ll be attending Open:2018 again this year, and we’re looking forward to collaborating with a number of people on two sessions about our work to map the solidarity economy using Linked Open Data. The sessions will share the progress we’ve been making on this work since our presentation last year, and collaboratively explore how we’ll address some of the challenges that this work poses.


The first, introductory session will take place in the main hall on July 27th at 11am, and will provide an overview of “the mapping project” in which Louis Cousin from Cooperatives Europe will lead a discussion about the mapping objectives and the challenges many groups have already experienced when trying to “map the ecosystem”. The overview will feature presentations and introductions from SEA’s Colm Massey; Laura James, Co-founder at Digital Life Collective; and Tom Ivey from domains.coop about their specific mapping projects and objectives.


There will be time for some discussion and debate with the audience and then the same panel will move into the Working space to continue a working session on the same subject – with a view to developing a steering group focused on “Developing taxonomies for describing co-ops and solidarity organisations” using Linked Open Data.


OPEN 2018 is the conference for the platform co-operatives movement, and this year will focus on three main themes:

The platform co-operative showcase will present examples from functioning platform co-ops, including practical examples of legal structures, funding and financial setups, and detailed insight from platform co-op practitioners about how their organisations work.

The Collaborative and Peer to Peer technology sessions will feature presentations on alternative digital currencies, open source tools and technology and the development of the new platforms and protocols which are enabling online co-operation to evolve at scale.

Discussions on the changing narrative will explore the co-operative vision and the evolving politics and philosophy of a world of abundance and inclusivity which underpins the creation of a more collaborative, equitable economy which works for people and planet before profit.


Incorporating a mix of presentations, showcases, discussions and open space sessions in which the participants decide what is discussed, OPEN 2018 presents an opportunity to meet co-operative development experts, legal practitioners and software developers to discuss the structure, challenges and opportunities of the new co-operative economy.


To find out more and book a place, visit https://2018.open.coop/sessions/mapping-the-cooperative-solidarity-economy/ .