Latest STIR magazine focuses on community wealth building


“There is a growing range of local agents who are driving the community wealth building movement, with organisations developing co-operatives and economic alternatives, and a greater acknowledgement of the public pound – democratised money.” – Neil McInroy, Chief Executive, CLES.


STIR is a quarterly magazine published by Stir to Action focusing on new economic ideas and original art. It began life in 2013 and today publishes international contributors on the co-operative movement, the global commons, solidarity economics and many other emerging political practices. Moving beyond the traditional political commentary, it explores the inspiring and viable alternatives that represent a serious challenge to the current political crises.


The Autumn issue of STIR is available now to preorder for £2.95 (plus postage and packing) and focuses on community wealth building. It features the following topics and authors:


  • Community Wealth Building: Reorganising the Economy for All – Neil McInroy, CLES
  • Fearless Cities: A Global Municipalist Movement – Jenny Gellatly & Marcos Rivero
  • Coworking and Co-operation: A Union in the Making – Greig de Peuter
  • Q&A with Debbie Bookchin
  • Building Community Wealth in the Banking Sector – Jules Peck
  • Municipalities and Civil Society – Ana Huertas
  • Communities and Enterprise – Russell Hargrave
  • Think Global, Wash Local – Adam Rich
  • Community-Led Regeneration – Clare Goff
  • Interview with Matthew Brown
  • Making Local Woods Work – Mark Walton
  • Tired of Paying for Jobs? – Marjorie Kelly
  • Next System Project Report – Jay Tompt


It also features the following artists:


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