“In the face of hate, walls and borders, we’ll build global networks of solidarity and hope.”

Fearless Cities is a summit for the international municipalist movement which will take place 9-11 June in Barcelona, Spain. Around the world, towns and cities are standing up to defend human rights, democracy and the common good; Fearless Cities will allow these movements to build global networks of solidarity and hope in the face of hate, walls and borders.

The event will include political debate, policy exchange, and practical workshops featuring mayors and councillors, and municipalist movements that are transforming society from below. It will give people the opportunity to share tools, knowledge and experience with others from around the world and consider horizontal collaboration, collective intelligence and the politics of everyday life, and combating the politics of hate and fear with local policies. This excellent initiative promises to be an important space to develop new ways of organizing in towns and cities, although we’d urge the movement not to neglect the rural; cities and towns need to reintegrate with their local rural economies for a true solidarity economy.

Fearless Cities will kick off with a public rally on 9 June, with mayors and councillors sharing with the public their vision of what it means to be a fearless city.

For more information and to register for a place, visit http://fearlesscities.com/.

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