Our Team

We organise ourselves on a ‘flat structure’, which means that we all have an equal say, and equal responsibility for getting things done.

We’re really proud that our team is made up of people with a diverse range of skills, from software development and research to communications and PR. Find out more about us below, and feel free to get in touch if you have a question.

Maria Clara E. R. dos Santos

Clara is a Brazilian with a background in Oceanography and a passion for fighting climate change. She moved to the UK over three years ago to study a Masters in Economics for Transition at Schumacher College, Devon. After finishing her studies, she found herself in Oxford and got involved with Climate Outreach, before joining SEA in May 2015. Her roles within the organisation involve Finance and Operations, and she also leads on Networking and Collaboration projects. In her spare time, she likes to kick some ass at Muay Thai, learn new languages and go on hikes (she would prefer to climb, but Oxfordshire is a bit flat).

Get in touch with Clara about:

Network building
General operations

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+44(0)1865 403142

Colm Massey

Colm is a father of two, a digital tool maker and animation industry veteran, with a long term interest in alternative economics. He has been a social justice activist for most of his adult life, with a particular interest in migrant justice and Middle East solidarity.

Colm co-founded the Institute for Solidarity Economics in Oxford in 2014, which became the Solidarity Economy Association in 2017. He’s a supporter member and volunteers three days a week for us, as well as serving as Chair on our board of directors. He has worked on all aspects of our activity, but now focuses on research and education.

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+44(0)1865 403269
+44(0)7773 463871

Kat Darling

The most recent addition to the team, Kat joined SEA as Communications Manager in January 2017. Her PR experience spans the broadcast, charity, higher education and public sectors, having held positions at organisations like rural community co-ops charity Plunkett Foundation, Oxfordshire County Council, and the BBC.

Kat looks after SEA’s website and social media channels, and is responsible for managing the organisation’s media coverage. She also plays a role in events and works on some of our education projects.

Get in touch with Kat about:

Media requests
Our website and social media channels

Contact Kat

+44(0)1865 403142
+44(0)7810 832980

Matt Wallis

Matt is a professional software developer with 30 years of experience, having held senior positions across a range of companies. His academic background is in Mathematics and Computer Science, with degrees from UCL and Oxford University. Matt leads on our Linked Open Data project, and also takes care of technology and infrastructure for SEA. During summer holidays, he likes to go on long bike rides in continental Europe.

Get in touch with Matt about:

Our Linked Open Data project

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+44(0)1865 403142